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We take the guesswork out of diagnosis which allows the homeowner to see for themselves if there are any problems with their sewer line. If there is, knowing whether the problems are cracks, breaks, offset joints, or just a temporary clog helps determine what the best options are to get the sewer line back in good working order.


A sewer scope inspection is fairly simple because we use the newest technology. Our professional inspector will use a Pipeline +110° wide viewing angle Industrial high-definition waterproof stainless steel VIDEO CAMERA.


We will be able to pinpoint the problem with our compatible transmitter. A clear video recording of your sewer line can be emailed to all parties involved such as township personnel and realtors.



 A CLOG is a problem that requires immediate action!  Our team understands your frustration and is ready to work with you to resolve your drain problem TODAY.

Snake drain augering cable machines are used for unclogging sewer, sink, shower, toilet, floor, downspouts and french drains. The drain auger sends a flexible cable with an attached cutting tool into the drain. The device cuts through and removes clogs as it snakes through the pipe.



DRAIN cleaning 


 The High Velocity Hydro-Jetter Cleaning Service will look like as if we washed and scrubbed the drain pipe


 The Hydro-Jetter can typically remove any clog caused by tree root infiltration, flushable wipes, grease, personal hygiene products, and other obstructions. 


 The Eco-friendly Hydro-Jetter uses only water with no chemicals. It will remove most obstructions and will dramatically improve visiblity for inspection, waterflow and drain efficiency that will help prevent any future issues.  


Is your home more then 20 years old? 


A sewer pipe inspection cost a few hundred dollars. A sewer pipe replacement could cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. There is only one pipe, the sewer line that drains everything from your home to the city main sewer line.


Why are so many Townships making Sewer Inspections Mandatory?


Buying a Home - Homeowners have no idea on the condition of the sewer line because it was installed underground. Many new home buyers have been left in disarray because they did not have a sewer scope inspection. 


Selling a Home - A bad sewer pipe could ruin the deal!!! You want a certified professional to inspect your sewer line PRIOR TO SALE. We understand, your moving out of the property. If there is an issue, we have to move fast and find the most inexpensive solution.


TELL YOUR REALTOR - The traditional standard 4-point home inspection does NOT INLUDE a sewer scope inspection. 


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